We run daily yoga classes at our yoga farm. Either in one of our yoga shalas or on the wooden platform in the forest 3 minutes walking distance.

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Nidra Yoga - Lucid Dreaming - Astral Projections

Nidra Yoga is a form of conscious yogic sleep in which the nervous system, the bioenergetic structure, are in a superior state of relaxation.

Only the awareness of being remains awake, silent and ultra vigilant, without thoughts or images. This gives you a state of calmness and lucidity that leads to the gathering and reconciliation of the constituent structures of the person.

These Yoga Nidra techniques are excellent for people who are overworked or stressed because they allow a strong recovery of energy by dissipating any psychic blockage.

In this way, being gradually free of all that prevents him from living in a complete state of harmony rather than fear, inhibition or shame.

A constant Yoga Nidra’s practitioner will discover a new source of energy and an unexpected way of achieving real psychosomatic relaxation. The inner life spontaneously begins to improve, without any effort it gets more calmness, relax, courage without aggression, without any need for self-control. In the upper stages of practice, free from emotions, there is a great joy of existence, lightness and luminosity. Through constant practice, our true nature replaces the false and illusory ego and dissolves the dissonant aspects of our personality.

The constant training to relaxation teaches you to live fully and completely in the present. When this occurs, there are no more thoughts to the past or the future because we are dealing with the new experience of living in every moment of life.

This ability to live intensely in the present moment is the only basis for any spiritual growth, the inner silence is reached and one’s own essence goes down to the essence. The latent superior intelligence in every human being now has the chance to manifest itself.

In this two day intensive seminar, in addition to the theoretical lectures, you will learn a number of practical exercises to induce lucid dreams until you get to real out of body experience during the waking state, the so-called “astral projections “. The first purpose of these practices is to experience the existence of subtle bodies and thus to prove that you are not only flesh and bones, and then mastery of our etheric structure for personal and spiritual evolution towards enlightenment; through gradual detachment from the physical body, we are preparing to face the last great journey out of the physical body in the process of death. Practices for dealing with death in a conscious manner are subsequently dealt with in the seminar The Art of Conscious Death.

Topics covered in the workshop:

Deep relaxation techniques How to develop presence and awareness Lucid dream induction techniques 7 levels of matter/energy The 5 bodies of humans Sleep/wake states Different forms of consciousness and brain waves Astral Projections …and much more

early bird: 149 euro, final price179 euro


The Art of Conscious Death

In our culture death has always been considered a difficult topic to deal with, surrounded by silence and fear. The knowledge of the death process is crucial to sustaining another person during the passage and for our own evolution since death is one the most important moments for the soul’s spiritual evolution and future destiny.

From the ancient teachings of Bardo Todol, the Tibetan Book of the Dead, this exclusive workshop will guide you to the knowledge and practice of the mysteries of conscious transcendence, to have useful tools for guiding a dying person and a profound and both ancient yogin and modern understanding for a personal practice toward spiritual realization. When we learn how to die, we learn how to truly live.

early bird: 149 euro, final price179 euro


Teacher Training Course 250 hr

Are you passionate about yoga and holistic and esoteric disciplines and want to make it a profession?

You have always been interested in Yoga but have you only met schools and teachers who care only about the physical approach and are you looking for a deeper and more comprehensive approach to this very ancient discipline?

The Malini Yoga 250hr Teacher Training Course is suitable for everyone, of all ages and in any physical conditions. It is good for beginners as well as experts who want to further deepen their knowledge


This TTC includes 5 weeks of intensive personal training with Marco and Amita, experts teachers who are certificated (RYS 500) and taught for many years in Thailand and registered Yoga Alliance (E-RYT). Our teaching is based on the traditional Hatha Yoga, focused on perception use of the energy, through the broad spectrum analysis of the physical, energetic, mental and spiritual effects of the seven centers of force (Chakra). A full-time programming of theory and practice to know the main Yoga positions, starting from postural alignment, effects and benefits on the physical and energetical levels.

An in-depth study of respiratory exercises, purification techniques, meditation and states of consciousness, elements of Kundalini, fundamental elements of Yoga philosophy derived from the non-dual knowledge of Advaita Vedanta and Kashmir Shaivism, study of ancient texts such as Yoga Sutra Patanjali, Bhagavad Gita and much more.

We present the basic elements and all the tools to become a qualified Yoga instructor, we aspire to bring the student to the full knowledge of discipline so that he can teach with perseverance, passion and devotion.


The teaching of authentic Yoga is presented in a simple and understandable way to the modern mindset, making it useful to beginners and a subject of in-depth knowledge for the already well-trained students. Philosophical teachings and yogic ethics (Yama and Niyama) induce a profound process of personal transformation, so Yoga embraces all spheres of life, way of thinking, nutrition, sexuality, control over emotions and inner equilibrium. A vision of the deeper and spiritual existence. The small size of the group allows personalized interaction with each student so that they can offer tools tailored to everyone’s needs. The residential formula, 5 weeks in a beautiful country residence, completely immersed in nature, away from the distractions and the noise of modern life, will facilitate the in-depth practice, making our training a unique and unforgettable experience.


Traditional Ha-Tha Yoga
Asana: body posture as an energy channel
Pranayama: energy control through breathing exercises
The polarity of energy, the energy structure of the human being
Techniques of purifying body and mind
Bhanda and Mudra: seals that increase the power of energy in practice
Dharana: mental concentration techniques, increase the power of thought
Meditation: deepen your practice and learn how to guide others with the help of different techniques
The therapeutic effect of Yoga

The different styles of Yoga
Nidra Yoga: conscious sleep, shiny dreams and astral travels
Karma Yoga: How to integrate practice into everyday life through disinterested action
Tantra Yoga: the use of sexual energy to increase personal potential
Raja Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Mantra Yoga and Bhakty Yoga and much more …

Philosophy and study of ancient texts
Patanjali Yoga Sutra
Bhagavad Gita
Tantra Loka (Kashmir Shaivism)

To know the human body and the relationship between the physical anatomy and the energetic structure of the human being

Teaching methodology
The art of teaching, how to plan a lesson, manage the group, create the necessary sacred space, the voice and the energetic presence of the teaching, ethical marketing.


250 hours of course (including 30 hours of practice as assistant) Paper course manual and other video material Material kit needed to hold a Yoga course: music, video, etc. Certification Yoga Alliance International RYS 250.


From Monday to Friday:
8-10 o’clock: morning meditation and practice of ha-yoga yoga
10-12 hours: morning theoretical section
lunch break
14-16 hrs: theoretical section of the afternoon
16: 30-17: practicum (practice of ha-tha yoga held by a rotating student, under the supervision of teachers, feed-back of other students to improve the teaching technique)
17.30-18 evening meditation
Saturday: 8am to 12pm
8-10 o’clock: morning meditation and practice of ha-yoga yoga
10-12 hours: morning theoretical section


2500 € 2100 € early bird price for those who sign up by June 22nd 2018 !




Marco is an aquarian born in 1978. He began the practice of yoga 20 years ago with the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda and the Kriya Yoga, deepening the studies of Indian philosophy in many years spent in India. He is a long time disciple of Swami Vivekananda Saraswati who initiate him to the supreme knowledge of the Tantric path of the Kashmir Shaivism , the Hatha-Yoga of Natha Sampranaya and Kundalini techniques. He was certified with a teacher training course RYS 500 in Thailand. He is also a meditation istructor following his master Sahajananda of Hridaya Yoga who got him in contact with the teachings of Advaita Vedanta and meditation techniques of Ramana Maharishi.

He leads Hatha Yoga classes, workshops and meditation retreat around the world in various languages.

His strong aspiration and steady practice brought him to a very deep level of knowledge and transmission considering Yoga the best way to contribute to the spiritual realization of other people, as well as an amazing way to improve his own spiritual growth.

His vision is to see a better future through the work of spreading the supreme knowledge of Yoga around the world.


Amita is a Leo born in 1974. After a professional nurse graduation, she met the yoga that practices since more than 20 years learning from various masters known in several trips to India. At young age she got passionate of the teachings of Osho Rajneesh after a trip to Puna. Graduated in 2000 in Technique of Thai Massage in Chang-mai (Thailand), Ayurvedic Massage in Rishikesh (India), Foot Massage at Wat Po school in Bangkok (Thailand), Reiki level 1 and 2. She practices the art of massage since more than 12 years, teaching massage tecniques workshops all around the world. Since many years she was initiated to the supreme knowledge of the authentic Tantric Yoga, the Hatha-Yoga and Kundalini techniques of the Natha Sampranaya tradition. She was certified with a teacher training course RYS 500 in Thailand. From long time she is disciple of the spiritual master Sahajanada founder of Hridaya Yoga who brought her in contact with the teachings of Advaita Vedanta and meditation techniques of Ramana Maharishi.

Amita leads Hatha and Dinamic Yoga classes, workshops, meditation retreats around the world in various languagesas well as her famous womens works. Her book about tantric femininity is about to be released.

She had a strong practice of Kundalini and meditations for many year, reaching a deep level of knowledge in spirituality. Her carisma and loving care for the students made her a very popular teacher, a good blend of strenght and sensitivity are her best quality.

Amita dedicate her entire life to the spreading of this amazing teaching.



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